Codeforces Round #253 Tutorial

443A - Anton and Letters

Simple and easy, solved by two lines of python code.

ls = filter(lambda y: y, map(lambda x: x.strip(), raw_input()[1:-1].split(",")))
print len(set(ls))

443B - Kolya and Tandem Repeat

Brute force. Just enumerate the beginning and the end of the substring, and …

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A simple problem - World at War


This problem is from the book "Algorithm 4th edition" (Exersise 4.1.10)

There are N cities and M undirected roads between those cities. People can travel to any city along the roads.

One day, a war breaks out. Our cities are under attack! As we can't defend all …

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How to implement a queue with stack(s)?

This problem is from the book Algorithms, 4th Edition.

Queue with three stacks. Implement a queue with three stacks so that each queue operation takes a constant (worst-case) number of stack operations.

Warning : high degree of difficulty.

When I search the Internet to find a solution, I find varieties of …

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Codeforces Round #242 (Div. 2) Tutorials and Solutions

A. Squats

Trun x => X or X => x to make the number of 'x' is equal to the number of 'X'.

n = int(raw_input())
hamsters = [c for c in raw_input()]

sits = hamsters.count('x')
stands = hamsters.count('X')

if sits == stands:
    print 0
    print ''.join(hamsters)
    if sits > stands …
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Codeforces Round #223 (Div. 2) 不完全不正确题解

由于大号已经进Div. 1了,所以接下来的几场Div. 2都是用小号做的。



A. Sereja and Dima


n = int(raw_input())
pokers = map(int, raw_input().split())

v = [0, 0]
p = 0

for i in xrange(n):
    if pokers[0] > pokers[-1]:
        v[p] += pokers[0]
        del pokers[0]
        v[p] += pokers[-1 …
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